Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ten Reasons I Blog...

I've been tagged. Mel Avila Alarilla from Random Thoughts tagged me to share Ten Reasons I Blog. So here goes......

1. Blogging gives me an outlet..... most of my days are filled with what most people these days might think of as boring days..... chasing after kids, cooking, cleaning ...... you get the picture..... but I can let the world know that although my days are quiet and sometimes our family does without on many things ..... that we are happy, healthy, and love the Lord. We are so very blessed.

2. I like to brag a bit on my wonderful family. Eric is wonderful and the kids are growing up to be fine young men and women. I like to take time to let others know how great my family really is.

3. I like to share some of my favorite recipes..... I know its been a little while since I have but now that we are getting more settled in the new house.... I plan on making Friday's Fix'ins a regular thing once more!

4. I have met some of the most wonderful people online. Blogging helps me to stay in touch.

5. I like to see what others write about in their blogs. I have never planned on having a set reason to blog.... just wanted to share random thoughts ( or ramblings as I call them) but I do like to see how others turn one area in their life into a blog.... its very interesting.

6. We have family and friends that live a good distance away.... visiting with them is often difficult or simply not an option very often.... blogging helps them keep up with us and see what we've been up to.

7. I like to write.... always have..... I may not have the best way with words.... but that has never stopped me from doing much of anything.

8. I like to share how God blesses. We may not have many material things but we have a deep abiding JOY that can only come from HIM.

9. Blogging helps give me perspective. I may read something on another blog that may make me think on a subject in a different view..... kinda a different angle of thinking than what I might normally take.

10. I like to have company...... love visitors...... I love to invite people into our home..... this is just another way to do so......

So, ten reasons I blog....... now I am tagging anyone that reads this post. Also, Denita, Judy, and Tina you all three can count yourselves especially tagged! Thanks to Mel Avila Alarilla for tagging me and getting me to think about why I blog.... never really thought much about it before.

Ten Reasons Why I Blog. 1. Mel Avila Alarilla 2. Traci 3.

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