Thursday, August 07, 2008

Here is the Living Room....

Here is the view from the dining area (see Ripely.... I can only get a picture of him if I sneak one in when he is not looking...LOL) The bookshelf by the front door holds our bibles... that way they are easy to find and can easily be gotten when heading out the door for services. Above the bookshelf is a letter rack with key hooks... my keys hang there now and I don't lose them ...... as much.

I am using my antique vanity as an entry table... and the chest acts as extra seating when the house is full of visitors. I keep large floor pillows under my "entry table" for the kids to lounge on while they stretch out to watch a movie.

Here is the view from the front door...those bookshelves hold our movies and a few picture boxes..... most of the furniture in the house is either yardsale finds or hand-me-downs.... I don't mind decorating on a tight budget! (See the nice new TV.... we had to replace the small 19" after Jed decided to help "clean" it with half a bottle of bathroom cleaner.... the poor TV dripped cleaner because he had cleaned it so well.....LOL! (The new TV was the last of our big purchases for a very long time!)

This is the view from the hallway leading to the kids rooms.... we don't have a coffee table.... with the kids taking up most of the floor space during a movie we just keep the center of the room open.

See the curtain on the TV cabinet.... that is where the TV traditionally goes.... the new TV was too big for the opening so we put in the sound system's woofer instead.... and to keep certain little hands from the woofer... I made the curtain and put it in place with a couple of tension rods.... I like the effect.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great Traci! I love what you did with the little curtain on your TV unit...very clever! And finally...I get to see Ripley!! lol!

love, Tina :)

(hope everyone is feeling better now...big hugs!)

Anonymous said...

It's me again! Do you remember when you tried to describe biscuits and gravy to me in an email? I thought it sounded weird, remember? Well, 50's housewife has just posted the recipe...I take it all back sounds tasty after!

love, Tina :)

Dianne said...

Your home looks so comfortable, Traci. That was a good idea with the curtain over the entertainment center. I can just picture you all there watching a movie with the kids all sprawled out on the floor. That was how it was in our house, too, when the children were young.

Thank you for sharing. Oh and by the way, all the jams, jellies and other goodies that you have posted in the last few blogs look so great. I shall have to copy these recipes down. You certainly have been busy lately, haven't you?

Traci said...

Thanks ladies. Tina, if youever come for a visit I promise to make the best chocolate gravy you ever tasted along with several Southern specialties!

We have been busy. And I have a huge old enamelware dishpan full of apples to do today!!!