Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homeschool Agenda....... my first lesson plan.

Romans 2:21a (ESV) you then who teach others, do you not teach yourself?

Well, as ya'll know this is my beginning year. And to tell the truth....

......I am not using any set curriculum or method to this years lessons. I have a list of the objectives that most 6th and 8th graders should be learning for the year and have built upon that..... mostly. I am not really following any set agenda other than loosely following that list. We decided that we wanted to do a more unit study approach on some subjects and on others a more back to basics approach to see exactly where the PS here had covered and how well the girls really knew what it was they covered.

I did find a math placement test (Saxon) online and had the girls take it. Amaris did fall a bit short of the 6th grade level so that is one subject we are really going to work on for her. Mia's test surprised us all.... she was insistant that she was really behind in Math.... just knew she would need to start out at the same level as her sister..... when I graded the test .... she placed a year ahead! She is looking at starting 9th grade math! She was more surprised than anyone.

I do have to admit I am going to be using an 8th grade Abecka Grammar & Composition book that I found at a local homeschooler's yard sale. She had the Teachers Manual along with the Test/Quizzes book and Key for very much under what it would have cost me to buy it anywhere else.... so I am using it to start with basics for the girls in English (yes, I'm using it for Amaris too). And since I have a time with Math myself I am looking at purchasing the Systematics Mathematics studies for our Math (right now we are doing reviews).

Other than that we are doing Tn History together this semester and we are studying Joshua for our Bible. I started this year with a Handwriting assignment each day. (Mia's handwriting is horrid!) and a Journal entry each day. I found some wonderful Spelling/Vocabulary lists for them and will will be working our way through that this year. And they each must read at least one book each month to do some sort of report on..... of those books every 3rd book must be from a classics list or approved by me. I am glad they read lots, but I want them to broaden their reading scope.

We are doing Science this year as well. With Science I am mostly going by the list of objectives for each of the girls. Mia will start this year on an early physics study (Newton's 3 laws and such) and then move into Chemistry (her choice). For Amaris, I am going to have her work through some basic physical science this year.

I have researched and researched again the internet for free information to help with our first year of homeschooling. I know that 6th and 8th grades here in the PS are mostly a review of what was learned in previous years so I do not have a fear that the girls will feel behind in any sort of way when speaking to friends still in PS.(As a matter of a fact, I believe they may be a bit ahead by the end of the school year.... Mia at least.) I know that next year (for Mia, at least) we will need to start purchasing more specific curriculum as she will be entering High School. (She has already told me she wants to study Russian for her second language!) I believe she has her sights on graduating early from High School .... she is very motivated.

This year we are just hoping really to have the girls to get the thought of having to do everything the same as PS out of their minds.... mostly why we wanted to go with a relatively method and agenda free year..... we want them to get back that love of learning they had when they were younger. That in itself will benefit them much more in the long run (I think) than any curriculum we decide to use or not use.


Anonymous said...

Dear Traci;

I am so glad that you are so excited to starting this school year with your girls :-).

Following a purchased curriculum can be expensive, but what you are doing is exactly what I have been doing all of these years of homeschooling - and my boys are doing terrific.

I pray that Our Lord continues to give you excitement and peace while you embark in this journey...



Sherry said...

Thank you for sharing your agenda/schedule! I am a new homeschooler so I am gleaning from all the veterans. :D

JM said...

I think you are right, they need to get the PS guide for school out of their heads. The way you are working will hopefully help them to see that learning is a joy, not a pain.

Good Luck.


Terri said...

Traci, it sounds like you have a wonderful plan for them! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed year.


eclectic education said...

Hope you have a great school year! :)


christy said...

LOVE your verse. I often feel guilty because I love homeschooling myself as much as the boys :)

Sheri said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful plan for the year! Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Wow! For a first time homeschooler you have an awesome plan! I wish I had it together like you do hehe. Thanks for sharing and many blessings this year!!

Tina said...

A great way to homeschool! Awesome verse. I just know I learn as much if not more than my kids each year. Enjoy the journey!