Friday, August 29, 2008

Update on Mother...

Well, mother is fine... no heart problems found.... all her cholesterol levels are where they should be and no plaque built up at all in the vessels. The doctor said he believed that she was having bad acid reflux and that it was causing a panic attack ..... he said he understood why it would cause a panic attack too with all of the family history of heart disease.

She cannot drive for a couple of days and has to take it kinda easy for a few days..... the only other thing the doctor said was she needed to loose some weight.

whew, at least that is one worry off of me..... now to wait on news for Travis.....


Think Pretty Thoughts said...

Oh, good. I'm so glad. That is wonderful that everything is in good shape for her. Now she doesn't have to worry and wonder about her heart.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for that...let us know how Travis is when you get his result.

Hugs and prayers,
Tina xx