Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Fixins ~ Eating out.... on the cheap

How do you go out for a dinner for 6 on a budget of $12.00???? Is that even possible??? Tonight it was! My mother is the Director at the local Senior Center... and tonight was the annual Spaghetti Supper.... she had a sponsor to buy up a hundred tickets them give them back to the center so that anyone over 60 could get a free ticket with the purchase of a ticket... my mom bought 2 tickets and got 2 free tickets... she then gave us 3 of the tickets... so we only had to pay for 2 tickets (Jed and Amaris shared a plate.) We got to support a good cause.... enjoy a meal..... and do it on a very tight budget! Whoohoo! The food was good, and the price was great!


As Simply As We Can said...

That's great - sounds like you had a fun night!

Traci said...

Oh, yes, we had a great time! Ate then headed off to 60+ practice.... tiring but way fun!