Friday, February 06, 2009


Well, today I have been off my feet as much as possible... I have wrenched my bad knee and so I am limping when I am up on my feet... just need to give it a few days to heal up a bit and all will be normal again....

So, I spent the day editing the kids Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes speeches. Mia has written her own speech again this year and Travis is getting help for his and I helped Amaris with hers. I do hope that they do well in the competitions at convention .... but I am so glad that they understand that the competitions are not the real reason to be participating in the programs.... service and learning leadership roles in the church are much more important to them!

Well, tomorrow will be a busy day once again (I say that a lot..LOL) we have a "tweens" (our younger youth) service event... making cookies for Valentines Day for our widows of the congregation to hand out on Sunday morning. We are so blessed by the other members of our congregation and we love to show our appreciation to any we can! ..... Then my family is getting together for a late birthday party for my mom.... then I'm off (with Mia) to babysit! whew.. Makes me a bit tired just thinking of it tonight...LOL.

I'll post again soon!

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