Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday's Tip....

So, thought I would really start getting back into the swing of things here on my blog... and if any of my (few) readers remember I wanted to start something a bit different a couple of months back... sort of to expand my blog... so today I am starting in earnest.

Tuesday's Tip.....I want to share things I have found cost effective, ideas to save money, or even just thinking out of the box..... so here we go!

Today I want to share what I feel that helps me out in a big way on Sundays. I let Jed carry his own "diaper bag". Last year I found a cute little "Dr. Seus" backpack at a yardsale for 10cents. Jed loved it and was always wanting to throw something in it and take it along with us wherever we went... so instead of me carrying a bag and then having to keep up with it and an extra bag of "stuff" I asked if he would like to carry his own extras... he thinks he is such a big boy carrying all his own things around now!

Since it is a smaller backpack (just his size) and although Jed is a good sized 2 year old (he is over 3 foot and nearly 40 pounds now) I still want to keep the backpack on the lighter side so it does not overburden him. When packing, I first get him a change of clothes and roll the shirt and pants in a tight roll together and place it in the bottom of the pack. Then I have (usually) about 3 pull-ups and a small case of wipes. I then add about 3 small toys/book to the pack (letting him help pick them out) and then add a snack and his cup. The pack is rather light and he loves to put it on and show everyone just how big a helper he really is! Now, I do have to say that it does help that Jed is in the potty training stage and I don't have to carry as much for him as I used to and that he really does not get all messy and dirty up his clothes so I usually can keep his change of clothes packed in the bottom of the backpack for several outings before I have to use them so the only thing I replenish is the pullups, snacks and his cups..... but let me tell you how nice it is not to have to keep up with a diaper bag on Sunday mornings!

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