Saturday, February 28, 2009

...the odd couple.

You know the ones in your circle of people... those that are always on call for emergencies, those that are always ready to do any work needed, ready to assist in anything that needs being done..... but that you don't necessarily hang out with..... that is us. We never have planned to be that couple... but fate works in odd ways .... even those we consider closest to us.... just don't seem to "hang" with us.... it leaves us confused and a bit hurt.

Someone asked Eric the other day if there was anyone he really had to "hang" with... and when Eric said no... the person told Eric they were not that surprised about it.... so what does that mean??? Is it so easy to tell that we are that odd couple??? For the amount of things we are involved in and the amount of people that call on us for different circumstances.... we often feel that we are on the outside of the circle of friends looking in.


As Simply As We Can said...

Oh my. Well first of all when I first read the first 2 or 3 lines I was going -- that's you! But I sooo admire that in you. I know that we are close and we love each other, but you really have no idea how much I admire you and look up to you. You really don't. You and Eric are such wonderful examples in so many ways.

As for being the "odd couple", well we are too! While we're not exactly the same in some things, we have always definitely been on the outside fringes of things. We just stopped questioning it years ago. Just sort of accepted it and now even embrace it. But it can be lonely, I know. (We'll get moved over there...promise...I know it seems I'm dragging my feet, but just trust is coming)

As for that comment someone made to Eric...well that was just hurtful for heaven's sake. And y'all do do so much. That would have made me feel taken for granted.

But at the same time I know you get alot of joy out of the things you do and all the things that keep you busy. So just think on that instead of what everyone else is thinking.

Sometimes it's the people who are doing the least that seem to criticise the most...

Terri said...

I'm sorry for the hurtful comment, Traci! You sound like a wonderful couple to me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll hang with you guys!! :)xxx

Traci said...

Thanks Ladies! We pray constantly for finding a closeness in those around us... and try as we might ..... we seem to never fit into the "circle" ..... but it helps to know that there are those out in blogland that are there to uplift us!


Anonymous said...

Traci, I pray Matthew and I have never made you both feel that way...and if we did I sincerely apologize. You both are such hard workers and really have a good marriage...I look forward to spending time with you both in class. Have a great night! P.S. Matthew and I sometimes feel the same way you do. You are not the only one.