Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stopping in quick....

to give the run down of my weekend....


I need to get some laundry going.
We have dress rehearsal for 60+ Banquet
I need to clean the CSC Building before rehearsal
I need to get some pictures uploaded for our Group Scrapbook
I need to get the kids ready for serving at the 60+ Banquet
I need to gather all costumes for 60+ Banquet
Clean up after 60+ Banquet

I am sure I am leaving something out....(oh, 60+ Banquet is a Dinner & Show that we under the age of 60 put on for our older members... its a hoot!) This year we are doing a skit based on a couple of Andy Griffith episodes ..... Mountain Wedding & The Education of Ernest T Bass.....


Morning Class and Services
Come home fix lunch and REST for a bit
We have early Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes practice tomorrow afternoon (starts at 4)
Evening Services
Come home and collapse ........

A very event filled weekend!

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