Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting Ready for our Trip

Hello all of you out there in Blogland..... I know its been a few days since I have posted..... we are so busy right now that I have let posting here take a back seat once again.

Lets see, we are leaving tomorrow afternoon to go on our trip for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Convention this weekend. We will be traveling to the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center to spend the weekend and are truly looking forward to it! The kiddos have worked so very hard these last few months.... The kids entered several categories this year and are so looking forward to a great weekend of fun, competition and worship! I too am looking forward to the weekend, I hope to learn more about some of the categories we ( as a Youth Group) have not participated in in the past and perhaps get a feel for some of it to get our youth involved for next year.

So far we are in the midst of packing, cleaning, and re-packing at times so that we will be ready to leave once Eric gets off of work tomorrow afternoon. My mother is also going with us again this year to help with getting children to the right rooms for competition (esp. since both of my girls compete at the same times but in different rooms ..... and sometimes across the hotel from each other) and to help us out with Jed this year....and my good friend Judy is going this year, her daughter, BJ, is also competing this weekend.

Well, I think that I must go and get some more things going and packed ...... I will post soon after we return!!! and hopefully with some good PICS!!!

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