Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend!!!!

This past weekend was our Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Convention. We had such a good time fellowshipping with other Christians and the kids were able to compete in different areas with great loving support! Here are just a few photos of the weekend's highlights:

Now, first off.... we (as a congregation) had 9 children under the age of 5 with us! And after the weekend wore on we gave some of them new nicknames for the weekend that included names like.... the flasher (couldn't resist), the bouncer, the clinger and so on..... Well, Jed became known as the escape artist..... yes, my little guy that is so wonderful for us on most occasions, gave his mommy about half a dozen heart attacks this weekend..... starting Thursday night when he learned he could open our room door and took off down the hall..... if it had not been for some teenagers coming down the hall and noticing a baby in the hall I would have lost him on the elevator!!! (of course Jed thought this a fun game for the weekend and so tried it out on more than one occasion.... we kept our door locked most of the time because of this)....

Hey mom, I like this bed!

Now do you see the little puppy backpack Jed is sporting? It has a leash on it..... and he wore it most of the weekend....

We love the fountains!

This year the schedule allowed us several hours of free time! We loved to walk around and look at the shops, gardens and fountains the hotel offers!

Friday and Saturday nights were the awards ceremonies for the different competitions .... Friday night is for the events that are judged before the Convention weekend and for the different artwork entries and events like the Good Samaratin .....

Travis and Mia earned a Bronze in Good Samaratin this past year.... they are working for Gold this year!

Just a bit silly during the awards ceremony..... can you tell they are having fun?

Another event that is awarded on Friday night is the Web design.... this was our first year as a Youth Group to have entries in this competition.... (Eric and I were the adult leaders for this event at Lomax)..... we had 8 young people in grades 3-11 enter this event..... and 4 of them placed in the top 3!!! We are so excited to see our young people doing such great work for the Lord!

Amaris placed first in her division on Individual Web Design!!!

Our congregation rents out an extra room to be used as a food room and many of our number supply us with food, snacks and drinks for the weekend to help with the cost... and is greatly appreciated! We adults take turns during our free times to monitor the room.... having the room is such a blessing.... it not only is a help food wise but acts as a base for everyone to see how each participant is doing in their event....

Travis tries to take over the remote in the food room..... and must be taught a lesson..... (David, I hope you don't mind the pic.... I just had to put it up... I thought it was just too funny!)

Saturday night the ceremonies are for the events that take place at Convention.... speech and song leading are the events our young people participated in ....

Mia won thrid place in her age group for Songs of Praise (that is the girls song leading)

Travis and Mia were both finalist in their age groups for speech this year!

It was a great weekend.... to see our young people act so wonderfully and show such great enthusiasm for service to God is such a blessing to the adults that attend convention. And we do have a wonderful group of adults that attend... some of them that do not have children involved, yet they come to support them, help to coach them, and encourage them each and every one. We are so blessed.

We are tired and ready to go home...... but boy did we have fun!!!!

A special thanks to our TEAM LEADERS, Trent and Lori. You are great!!!! Your hard work is very much appreciated and we are so blessed to call you friends!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good time! And loved talking to you tonight. Go to my blog cause you've been tagged!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is cool! Thanks for sharing it with me. Such a fun weekend!!!! You guys are great! Love--Lori

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! What a blessing indeed to see so many young people working for the Lord!

Love, Tina :)