Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday, Monday....

Jed is now sleeping in his big boy bed most nights (and a few of them he has slept all night long) either Mia or Travis have been putting him to bed by laying down with him and then once he is asleep they move to the other twin bed in his room. This morning he slept until 8:30.... and he slept all night long. Whoohooo!!!

I have had a day of phone calls and chasing after a little one.... Jed has been full of himself all day long! I did not clean ( I do feel a bit bad about that) and I tried to catch up on some rest. The kids helped to clean up this afternoon and for that I am grateful. Mother had some left over barbeque chicken so we are heating that up for dinner tonight..... I don't turn down leftovers. It helps my budget.

So much for an exciting life....

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Anonymous said...

Yay! It's such a relief when little ones sleep all night! Don't feel bad about not needed and deserved a rest from the weekend's activities! It's good to listen to your body...(I am finally listening to mine, and taking more rest these days)
Hugs to y'all!
Love, Tina :)