Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Proud Parent....

Our older three children are very involved in a program at our congregation called Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes. There is a national convention that we will be attending on Easter weekend for them to do some friendly competition with others their age from congregations from all over. This year they are doing artwork, web design (the links to their pages are on my sidebar), speech, song leading, good samaritin , bible reading, and group scrapbook. This program has brought out so many wonderful things in my children. They have advanced in their Bible knowledge, done wonderful service projects for others and the church, improved their speaking abilities and so many other things that I see them grow in.

Tonight the girls had speech practice. I came in during the final go-through for the evening and got to hear each of them do their speech..... I am so proud at how well they are doing. Both have such a natural speaking voice. Mia even wrote her own speech (and it is about teaching her sister for her speech). This is Amaris' first year to do a speech, and yet she seems to show not visible signs of nervousness while she is in front of others speaking.

Travis has speech practice on Thursday night.... I have been told that he is doing very well by the men that are helping him..... he too has a great speaking voice and is learning to be more secure each time he is in front of others as well.

Just needed to brag a bit on my children. They are so very special and I hope they all know how much their momma loves them!

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great that they are doing good things for the Lord! Well done to them for their efforts...you have every reason to feel proud!

Love, Tina :)