Saturday, May 17, 2008

The BIG CLEAN.... Day 2

Well, we had day 2 of our BIG CLEAN.... Eric worked on getting the closet shelves raised so that we could better use the space and the kids worked more on the list. Me......... I escaped for a few hours with my MIL and SIL to some yard sales! And I found so many wonderful bargains!

Here are a few.......
I love this little fire truck...only $3! Jed loves it!!!He has been riding around on it all afternoon and evening.

This pretty framed mirror..... at $1 I could not leave it behind. And that is my new to me vintage couch! (It was given to me by the kids grandparents.)

And I was so excited to find this.......... Its a bread machine.... it was priced for $5 but the ladies at the yard sale said I could take it for half .... so for $2.50 I brought it home. ..... Can't wait to make some bread in it!

I also found several shirts, shorts, skirts, and pants for the older 3 ... filled 3 shopping bags full.... 1 outfit for me, 3 tops and 2 cute pillow shams and came out spending right at $25 total for the entire day!

After I ate a quick bite of lunch I went to work for the BIG CLEAN today too.... I put our closet back in order .... raising the shelves made such a difference! I have done laundry (with a BIG help from Mia) and worked on a few odds and ends around here..... tonight, even though its late I still need to cut Eric's hair.... as soon as he finished up the power point for tomorrow.... its been a good day all around.

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! You got some GREAT bargains Traci!

Love, Tina :)