Monday, May 05, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

We had such a great weekend! After the boys had been down with ear infections nearly all week I was so glad to see them both feeling better by Friday. Friday night one of the girls friends from down the street came over to stay the night and they had a great time playing Clue all night. Then Saturday morning Eric, me and the two youngest went to get seed and plantlings (is that a word???) for the garden over in the next town at this great shop. We then stopped by one of the grocery stores we don't have here and shopped for some deals. After we got home and put away the groceries we tidied up a bit in anticipation of our company! My good friend Denita came for a sleepover with her children. Yeah!!!

Our congregation along with several others puts together an annual fish fry to raise money for a scholarship fund to help local graduates attend a Christian university and that was happening on Saturday evening... our older 2 children worked by serving and cleaning up (I had several from the community stop me when we got there to eat and tell me they would be glad to take them home if I ever got tired of them...... heehee). The fish was great! They also serve chicken strips, shrimp, and frog legs along with french fries, beans, slaw, gumbo, with drinks and dessert.... its all you can eat and it is simply good food!!!

After we had stuffed ourselves at the fish fry we all came back here at the house and watched movies, played games and talked.... such a wonderful time!!!

Sunday we had great services (David, our preacher, gave a wonderful sermon ..... both in class and during worship.) - David if you are reading this..... I for one don't mind 2 sermons...... preach on! - Then after services we all came back here for lunch.... grilled out hot dogs, hamburgers and some cheddar brats! Filled the afternoon with great fellowship with my wonderful , cannot believe we are not really sisters, friend Denita!!! In the late afternoon we had to say our goodbyes (I do believe I did pout just a bit....) and then it was time to gather all the kids to get ready for the evening services. Our congregation has 6 high school graduates this year... so we had a great celebration for them last night! David's sermon was great and we had a wonderful time of fellowship and good eats afterwards! By the time we came home we were all so very tired... Jed fell out in the middle of the living room floor sound asleep...... and the rest of us drifted off to bed at different times..... What a wonderful weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Phew, I bet you're tired now! Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

Love, Tina :)

Anonymous said...

Seedlings....that's the word you were looking for...

Yes - we had such fun! And I was so tired afterward! Lol...

Terri & Crew said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I didn't comment but I loved the post on living simply. I'll be back :-)!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Traci, I do read. and thanks for all the compliments! You and your family are a wonderful encouragement to me and I am thankful for the friendship we enjoy. People like you and Eric and your children are some of the reasons why I love to preach.
In Him,