Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lessons Learned.... a lost Father-in-law....and other highlights of the day.

As I sit here listening to the kids doing chores and take a few moments to myself I wanted to share with my friends and readers about my day.....

I woke 2 minutes before the alarm goes off.... now , we have the alarm set 30 minutes before we actually get up to help Eric slowly wake up... he is so NOT a morning person.....I wanted to drift back off for those few minutes but was unable to .....

Pro 31:15 (ESV) She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens.

I believe God is speaking to me, to get back in the habit of rising early. I have grown a little lax in that aspect of my life.... Thank You Lord for the reminder.

After getting everyone up and Eric out the door the kids noticed it was raining just a bit.... so I got dressed and had them get Jed up so we could run them to school (they usually walk). I got back and Jed was still very sleepy so I laid down with him on the couch to see if he would fall back to sleep. Just as he was starting to drift off the phone rang. It was my MIL.... she was upset because my FIL had gone out early this morning to check the cows and was late getting back .... so late that it was already past time for him to get off to work. She asked if I would go with her to look for him .... sure.

I took Jed up to Granny's (my FIL's mother's) and we went on up to the barns and pastures.... after walking all the way into the far pasture my MIL decides it will be better for us to get the truck and so off I run all the way back down here to get the truck.... no small run least for a woman as out of shape as I am.....

Pro 23:20-21 (ESV) Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat, for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags.

Thank You Lord for another reminder today that I need to be up and ready for my day.... and that I need to get my body under control and in better shape to be more able to do good works for YOU.

I get the truck and head back up ..... we get in the back pasture and I told my MIL I would stand in the back of the pick-up for a better vantage point.... she attempts to gain a hillside and the grass is too wet, so she tries a different place... no good.... so as she turns the truck around I walk up the hillside yelling for my FIL.... she goes the long way around and meets me shortly thereafter and we stand yelling over in the other pasture ..... no answer (except from the cows).

By this time my MIL is very upset.... we had been yelling for my FIL for a good 15-20 minutes and by this time my MIL is so upset she is in tears and is so fearful that something bad has happened..... so I took her cell phone and called Eric at work (something I never do) and told him what was going on and that he really needed to come and help us look for his dad.

So we then decide to go into the other back field because we were not sure exactly which field he was in.... I head back to be on the look out for Eric (and the policemen my MIL had called to be on the safe side). So, I get back down to Granny's house and she runs out the door... "Have you found him?" .... "Not Yet, I'm waiting for the police to get here." I said .... that upset her even more so I knew I needed for her to do something so I asked how Jed was and that sent her back inside to see to him. The Fire Chief arrived and shortly there after the police...... my MIL came down to talk with them as I went back up to the pastures. Just as I was in the middle pasture where the barns are I look over to make sure the gate to the pasture we just left is shut and I see my FIL coming up the hillside to come through the gate....... whew.

Php 4:6 (ESV) do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Thank You Lord for reminding us to leave everything to YOU.... placing all our worries and doubts about ALL situations in Your mighty hands, knowing You will take care of each aspect of our lives.

All is well, except another calf was lost.
That is what was taking him so long.... when he got to the cows the young mamma had been trying to have her first calf and was unable ..... the calf had already died and my FIL was trying to save the mamma...... he was down in a low spot and did not really hear us calling him.... until the last just before we had headed back to go to the other pasture. ...... I believe my MIL will now insist he carry a cell phone with him when he goes out from now on......

All of this sounds like it did not take long but in fact we were out over an hour and the drizzle of the rain had all but drenched us all.

After we had come in and changed clothes and Eric had gone back to work... I lost Jed in the house.... call his name ... no answer..... not again! I start going room by room calling his name looking in corners, not in his room , or brother's, or the girls room ..... not in the kid's bathroom and so I head to my room..... Jed ..... answer..... I get to my bathroom and I hear the door to our shower.... sure enough.... standing in the shower looking like a kitten that got all the milk is Jed.... "hi momma" he grins as I pull him out of the shower stall.... I remind myself I love being a momma....... hehehehehehehe.

Pro 13:24 (ESV) Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

Thank You Lord for the blessing of motherhood and for the chance to grow as my children grow.

And the rest of the day has been much like a lost cause..... Jed decided that since we had such an exciting morning that the rest of my day should be JUST AS EXCITING and spent running and telling him no ...... no throwing balls.... stop laying on the dog..... don't rub that ORANGE jello in the carpet..... lets just say I did not get much cleaning done today.

1Th 5:18 (ESV) give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Thank You Lord for each lesson learned today.... thank You for the blessings you have given to us.... thank You for new mercies each day...... thank You for days that open our eyes.


Anonymous said...

Boy, you had an adventurous day! I'm glad your FIL was ok. Jed sounds like a bundle of mischief! I kinda miss those days (a little!). The Scriptures you posted were so appropriate for your situation (and for the rest of us). Thanks.

Love, Tina :)

Terri & Crew said...

Oh my! What a day you had. I loved the way you shared with the scripture interspersed throughout your story. :-)

Traci said...

Thanks Ladies.... It was a very busy day!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, dear, dear. And I'm sure the two hours we spent on the phone didn't hold up anything at aaalllllll......teeheehee......