Friday, May 16, 2008


Today has been a very busy day.... the kids were out of school (only 1 full day left this year!) and we have cleaned, cleaned, cleaned..... we started in their bedrooms and stripped beds, put things away,dusted, vacuumed, swept, moped, cleaned bathrooms, done laundry and so much more..... and we only have just over half of the list accomplished (tomorrow is day 2 of the BIG CLEAN). But it is all worth it.... the house is looking so much better and I am feeling more and more at home. I am hoping to be finished with the unpacking within the month!!! Tomorrow we will finish the list (hopefully) and Sunday I can relax!!!

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Dianne said...

Wow! You made me tired reading about your big 1. But there is nothing that feels any better than sitting down to rest and having your house all clean and neat. Enjoy your day, tommorrow resting!