Sunday, November 05, 2006

10 dollar bookshelves, friends locking their husbands out, and Sunday happenings....

So, Eric tells me that while I was out visiting family yesterday my aunt came by and asked if we wanted to buy some bookshelves from my cousins house (they are moving into a small apartment and are majorly downsizing) ....they are 6 foot bookshelves and she only wants 10 dollars each for them so for less than what it would have cost for one from Wal-mart, I got 3 ...... whooo hooo!!! Tonight I asked my friend to come to services with us and to stay after for a short devo and refreshments....after the devo and while we were eating I asked if her husband could get into the house tonight (she had locked him out on accident on Halloween while she was here) and she got this horrified look on her face and said that she had locked him out once again.... OH, NO!!! (I promise, , I'm not trying to be a bad influence on her, really!)

We are truly enjoying our new church family, and are becoming more involved with the congregation and its ministries each week.... God has most assuredly been blessing our family!!! Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful to us these past few months. We hope to become even more involved as time goes on and (for me ) the baby gets bigger. Not that I am having to worry about him.... he gets passed around more than a hot potato!

Well, I'm off to get the bigger kiddos into bed and to settle in with the little man and let him nurse and drift off to sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I locked him out! He had to break in the front screen door in order to get in. At which point the dogs went beserk because they are not used to anyone using the front door. Oh dear....I've got to get that other key made!