Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quiet Time...

I don't know about other mothers, but I like Saturday mornings to be my time....let everyone else sleep in and do something just for me...(I'm an early riser now by nature) warmer months and when I can I love to get up and go to yard sales....other mornings just to get up and read, spend time on the computer, or watch a movie all by myself..... everyone benefits from my quiet time. I get to wind down and Eric (my husband) and the Kiddos get to sleep in (just what active ones need sometimes ....extra sleep).

This morning during quiet time I went and picked up Ripley (our Min. Schnauzer) after his grooming session...he had been a bit neglected on the grooming since the baby arrived and was looking a bit now he is all clipped and clean and looks just too cute. When I got back, Ripley had to wake everyone so my quiet time was limited this morning (but that was okay) and so I've enjoyed the morning watching the kiddos playing with the dog....Ripley is still getting used to the baby. He is so funny and wants to smell all over our little one....then try to lick him in the face (I then push Ripley gently back and say "no") he is getting better but gets so excited to be close to him.

Now the older kiddos are out playing down the street at a friends house (sorry time they can all gather here I promise!) and the baby is sleeping away in the living room with dad watching over him while he enjoys the quiet of the house (and playing on his laptop). Nothing much going on the rest of the day...gotta lay out some stuff for dinner and I may go and visit an aunt in a bit ....other than that we are just gonna enjoy the blessings of God in our lives today!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry 'bout it!! (They have been incredibly easy to watch today as they have been stuck in front of the dvd player for the most part!) They told me that your dog has shrot hair now and looks like my Brownie....I'm sure yours is bigger though.