Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cold/Wet Weather, Baby Food, and Mamma's a Winner

Okay the cold and wet are getting to me....maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was just either/or but both are getting to me.... the drizzle that seems never ending today had me in the yucks today! I have not done anything much at all!! Eric did say when he looked at the forcast that the weather is supposed to be more sunshine and dryer maybe I can get something done then!

The baby (J) had some cereal with applesauce the last couple of days ..... he is still getting used to the spoon but so far is enjoying the food..... I could not feed him fast enough. He still is not for drinking anything other than when he nurses so I guess I will just be nursing and feeding him the cereal...(starting it slow on that ....just at lunch to see how he does these first few days). So far so good....

My mom called this morning to see how everything is going (she is worried for us since Eric lost his job earlier this week) ...... anyway, she was calling from Chattanooga (she was at a convention for work) and she was all excited cause she won one of the prizes... a really nice digital camera ! She is so thrilled!! I am so glad for her! She will be coming back tomorrow and we will go and see her next week....She has a job lined up for Eric (every little bit helps at this point) and since I had to go for J's 4 month shots he can get the work done the same day!! Then we will be going back over at the end of the week for Thanksgiving....we will spend the night with Mamma Sue & Papa Rich on Friday after a family dinner there and have family dinner with my side on Saturday. So, busy weekend next week!

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