Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend news....

So the weekend went very well...we had a great time visiting with family.....and the food oh my...... how full can one person get!!!

This morning however, our oldest son (T) woke up feeling sick and then had a bad nose I sent him back of to bed and let him stay home from school...he is feeling some better this morning and if he is doing as well in the morning then he will be back at school.

I ended up not getting much sleep and wrenched my back so I have not been feeling like myself today ..... I did not get anything done today! Ughh, now I'm dreading tomorrow....hopefully I will get a good night's sleep.

The baby (J) is doing well on cereal and baby food....tonight he was not happy until he got some cereal and was able to nurse....his appetite is growing with him!!!
I was talking with my first cousin that has twin 18 month old girls and she was amazed at how big (J) is...her girls weigh just about the same (within just a pound or under) as (J) I believe he is gonna be one big o'l boy!!!! Already at 4 months and he weighs over 20 pounds....but the nurses at the helth dept. don't seem to concerned about him .....he looks just good and healthy!!!

Well, until another time..... I'll be back soon!!

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