Friday, November 10, 2006

Silent Auction....

We went to a silent auction benefit a church that several members of my family attend.... had a great time...good food.....good company...and we bid and won most what we bid on....spent $29 and we got a package of gloves (I'd say about 8 pair of work gloves), a set of 6 place mats (that I'm using for a Christmas present) 2 embroidered handkerchiefs (to use as a craft project), a cartoon dvd, 3 hardback books, and a huge lot of Christmas decorations/gift giving supplies...not bad I think.....and it is all stuff we will use!

My mom is still fighting the flu, so she did not make it after all ...talked with her this morning and she was so upset...I told her maybe this was God's way of saying she needed to slow down and take a rest. She has been going non-stop the last few years and she could really use a good rest! I hope she feels better soon so that she can come and visit and stay a night or two I know the kids would love it and so would I.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did really good at the auction! Glad you had a good time. B. was saying how you all were going and dh's ears perked right up when he heard the word "auction." Lol. But he had just come in and was way too tired to go back out. See ya, lady!!