Friday, November 03, 2006

Just being me....

With me, what you see is what you get....period. So that is why my blog is named what it is.... I am nothing more or less than me..... I don't try to put on a pretty front for the world, I am who I am reguardless of who is with me or whatever situation I'm in. (Just ask my husband..) Now, that is not saying I don't need to work on who I am....quite the opposite.... I want to become a better wife, mother and I want people to really see Christ living in my yes, there is always room for improvement. Saying that I want to use this as sort of an accoutablity factor.... make myself own up to my shortcomings so to speak. So you will probably hear all about the good , bad and the ugly in my life.

Before I go any further I must say what a wonderful husband I have, I mentioned that I thought I would like to start blogging and the next thing I know he is looking for ways to make it happen.... whithin a short while he was saying this is how it is done and we can start now and slowly update everthing to make just how you want it .... what a great man God has blessed me with!!!

Well, more later.... I must go and get ready for a trip to Nashville with my cousin (she is taking her son to the doctor and asked me to ride along) and I have to get the little man up and going.

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Leah S said...

Hi Traci! Glad to have another like-minded gal to add to my blog list. :)

I also love hearing about your little man, especially his weight gain/size! :)