Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting my bookshelves, a husband at home, and feeling blessed.

So looking for the blessings right.....right! Blessing # 1...I'm getting my bookshelves finally built! Yeah! Whooooohoooo! So, now I can unpack my books!! The office will finally start looking like something instead of a catch all room!! Eric is sooooo goood toooo meeee!!!

Speaking of Eric, it has been different getting used to him being at home during the day. I have to admit I've not done as well as I should this week because he has thrown my own schedule off....well it will get better, I just have to buckle down and do my own thing if he is here or not.

Thank You Lord for the Blessings You give.... I am thankful of all I have and the friends in my life. God truly blesses His own! Thanks for each prayer on our behalf!

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